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  • Oct 28, 2021
    School Day 3
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    AN EFFECTIVE MATHEMATICS PROGRAM follows a balanced framework which includes conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and problem solving. Students need to learn math in a logical and sequential manner, with continual connections being made between past mathematical understanding and new concepts; connections between concrete experiences, pictorial representations, symbols, and algorithms.  

    ​GSSD believes that:


                      • All children can do math with respect to their personal experiences and needs; 
                      • Engaging and culturally appropriate resources aid instruction;  
                      • Providing all students with the foundations of Number Sense (compare, compose and decompose, represent, visualize, and estimate) lays the foundation for a deep understanding of relationships between and within numbers across all grade levels.  

    GSSD Math Goal:

        • By June 30, 2021, there will be 2% more Grades 2, 5, & 8 students at or above grade level in math compared to the June 2019 data. 

    Sask Math

    GetImage (1).pngInstruction and assessment practices for mathematics in GSSD align with SASKATCHEWAN MATH, a provincial resource for teachers and leaders of mathematics in Saskatchewan.