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  • Dec 10, 2018
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    Regional Kids First
    ​​​Regional KidsFirst partners with communities throughout the Good Spirit School Division, Christ the Teacher School Division and the Saskatchewan Health Authority,  offering a variety of programs that aim to bring parents and their children together.

    Regional KidsFirst priorities include:

    Transportation IMPACT.jpgHealthy Beginnings - Children and families benefit from a strengthened focus on the first three years of life.

    • Working towards making it easier for new mothers to find support for their mental health; enhancing supports; a focus on early interventions in the first year of life; and giving vulnerable families continuous support.

    Early Learning and Child Care – Children benefit from high quality early learning environments, developmentally appropriate practices and engaging, supportive relationships

    • Educating parents about how to choose quality early learning programs for their child; supporting play-based developmentally appropriate approaches; increasing the availability of early learning, including access to Prekindergarten programs for vulnerable children; developing culturally appropriate early learning programs; and enhancing quality across the early learning sector.
    • Making it easier for parents to find local child care and early learning programs; establishing child care centres in nine-joint use schools and make them a part of the school community; supporting parent knowledge and choice, including enhancing licensed child care; developing innovative partnerships with schools; and strengthening the child sector.
    1. Improved access to welcoming opportunities that support young children across all domains, including physical health and wellness, social/emotional, intellectual, language and communication and spiritual development.
    2. Improved awareness about language and literacy as an important foundation in early childhood
    3. Improved caregiver awareness of child developmental milestones and care needs

    Strong Families, Healthy Children – Families benefit from supports that help them be stable, nurturing and raise healthy children.dads make a difference.jpg

    • Working with existing family resource centres in the province to support alignment and provision of quality services for families; supporting parent knowledge and skills; supporting family resource centres and supports for all families; supporting children to be healthy and active; and enhancing specialized supports for children and families

    Community Planning and Alignment – Children and families benefit from programs and services that are coordinated, integrated and aligned.

    • Connecting families with better aligned community based home visiting programs sooner; enhancing public awareness of the importance of the early years; working with Northern communities to develop a new approach; building an integrate early years system; and making informed decisions
    1. Enhancing public awareness and knowledge of the early years
    2. Inclusion of diverse cultures

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    Ongoing KidsFirst programs include:

    • IMPACT – Intriguing Minds, Parents and Children Together
    • Pop-Up Preschool
    • Car Seat Clinics & Kids in Safe Seats
    • FASD Awareness
    • Dads Make a Difference
    • Main Street Mobile

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    Keep a look out in your community for events and programs - through our RFK Yorkton Facebook Page

    For more information contact Chlorisa Erickson at