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Located in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, the Good Spirit School Division provides educational opportunities to approximately 6,000 students operating 28 schools in 17 communities throughout East Central Saskatchewan [ ...see map].

Caring for children in a supportive environment is as important as offering excellence in educational programming. Our values of belonging, responsibility, respect, learning and nurturing ensure "Students Come First" in all public schools.

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GSSD Awards Season is Here

Every fall, in conjunction with Education Week (October 19 to 25 this year), our division celebrates the accomplishments of our staff and students. The Ministry of Education has set the theme as "Supporting and Celebrating Success". We are more than happy to share in recognizing the great work happening in our schools through these very important awards ...

Student of Distinction Awards - Students are valued for all of the work they do both within their school and in their community. 1 student will be chosen from each of our 28 schools to shine a spotlight on their unique stories. Click here to view the poster; click here to view the program details and nomination criteria. Nominations are accepted at each school until Tuesday, September 30.

"Sea Stars Making a Difference" Employee Recognition Awards - Based on the starfish story "Making a Difference", staff are nominated for making a difference in the life of students. They are our Sea Stars (Sparking Examples of Accomplished Skillful Talented and Radiant Staff). Click here to view the poster for an overview; click here to view the program details and nomination criteria. Hurry and nominate someone today ... nominations will be accepted until Friday, October 3!

Ministry Introduces Anti-Bullying Online Reporting Tool

On June 24, the Ministry of Education introduced a way in which students can anonymously report bullying incidences. This is in response to feedback released earlier in the school year with details described in "Saskatchewan's Action Plan to Address Bullying and Cyberbullying"; the press release is available here.

The letter explaining the new initiative is available by clicking here. More detailed information can be found on the Ministry's anti-bullying webpage; click here to access.

Click here for immediate access to the "I Am Stronger" website to report bullying.

One of our value statements is"WE BELONG" which reads: "A sense of belonging is a team effort where, as we continue to grow and change, the traditions of individuals and families who live, work and play in our communities are celebrated. A safe learning atmosphere where we connect and learn from one another will be shaped by those who work and study in our school division. Diversity is celebrated and welcomed in a caring environment."Work in the area of anti-bullying is a direct connection to our goal of providing a safe learning environment for staff and students.


If you have a child born in 2009, they are eligible to enrol for Kindergarten this fall. After we say to ourselves "Where has the time gone?", we quickly realize what an extremely important milestone in a child's life this is. It's exciting to know that this is just the beginning of an amazing journey on the road of education. Click here for information on Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten in Good Spirit SD.

Talk to your local school directly to register ... they're waiting for your call! Click here for a listing of school contact information. Not sure which school you should be contacting, click here to enter your address/land description and find your local school. Email info@gssd.ca if you have any questions.

NOTE: "How are the Children?" Early Childhood Development Information poster entitled "Thank you for not smoking!" is available courtesy of Regional Kids First; click here to view.


We are Looking for School Bus Drivers

The call is out and we continue to look for school bus drivers. This is a great opportunity to work a few hours a day for some extra income!

Consider becoming a part of our education team; click here for further information.


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