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Dr. Brass School
Every Day, Every Student: A Success
Jun 02, 2020
School Day 4
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Principal's Message


This year, the Dr. Brass student population is about 200 Pre-K to Grade 8 students.  This year our 2018-19 school staff is as listed:

Principal:                               Mr. J. Gordon                           

Vice Principal:                     Mrs. Julie Parisloff

Pre-Kindergarten                 Germaine Oudie - Tiffany Eftoda (2018-19 Maternity Leave)

Kindergarten                        Carrie Schlechter

Grade 1-2                            Edralin Badowich

Grade 2-3                            Megan Reminek

Grade 4-5                            Amanda Laviolette              

Grade 6-7                            Bethany Riecken

Grade 8                               Julie Parsiloff

                                           Jeremy Johnson                    Bret McDowell (Maternity Leave 2018-19)

Student Support Teachers - Sarah Todas / Argyro Karachalios / Kristine Vaughan (Maternity Leave Nov.2018), Julie Parisloff

Band                                       Scott Yemen


Teacher Assistants:  Chrystal Bymak, Sandra Chipuer, Coreen Langley, Diane Gleason, Terri Lewthwaite,

Library Technician               Melissa Fleury

Nutrition Worker                 Amanda Banga

Custodial                           Jerry Hancheroff, John Wog

Admin Assistant                  Dione Lerat

School Counselor                 Michelle Goulden

Aboriginal Community School Worker              Shanon Crook

Speech Pathologist                                         Kacey Markham


We offer after-school and evening programs such as Girl Talk, Shelwin House Bullying presentations, guitar lessons, Culture Club, Craft Club, Open Gym night, Kids' Community Kitchen.  Community members also ran Navy, Sea and Police Cadets in our building.  This year our afterschool programming has moved to more of a focus of intervention and activities that students can sign up for and take ownership of extracurricular activity participation.

Our Pow Wow dancing group auditioned for Telemiracle in 2013.  They were successful in making Telemirale 38 and performed in February 2014.  They were able to donate close to $2000.00 to Kinsmen Telemiracle.

Comprehensive School Community Health is a project that our school will pilot this year putting our Student First initiative into motion.  Community Health is also a vital component of the learning.  One project that has already been started is having our Positive Parenting Program run in the fall.  The Triple P program has been a great learning piece for our families involved.  Students will also be active and encouraged to revive our school teams.  We have the most 2 vibrant volleyball teams participating in school sports will be a great way for students to demonstrate the Dr. Brass Way and belong to our school.

Last year, our Learning Improvement Plan (LIP) had three goals – one each for literacy, math and caring and respectful school goal. We feel that we made progress in all areas, but still want to work on our math and literacy.  The LIP for 2018-2019 is attached for all stakeholders to read to see where we look to improve our school on a yearly basis.

We have a Response to Intervention (RTI) committee who work with the staff to ensure that we try to anticipate the students' roadblocks to learning and try to respond accordingly.  The focus of this work is within a 5 year Professional Development plan in GSSD.  Looking at literacy, math and behaviours within the RTI team will be critical.  The professional development plan will look at the areas of Classroom Environments, Unpacking Curriculum Outcomes, Flexible Group Instruction and Assessment during the 2016-17 school year.  GSSD Schools are piloting new report cards and co-creating assessments with Christ the Teacher Catholic School Division in Yorkton.  These assessments and pilots will lead to the creation of a new reporting mechanism within student led conference meetings.

It is vitally important that the parents and the staff members work together for the betterment of the children.  We are very proud of our community partnerships that help assist in the programs we provide at school.  We have a wonderful school and all want to make it even better for our students. Communication and cooperation are the keys.  If you have concerns, it is important that you speak first with your child's teacher, and then, if necessary, with me.  Our doors are always open, and we are always ready to listen, but we can only problem-solve when we have all the information and teamwork.