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Mar 29, 2017
School Day 2
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Principal's Message

From the Principal's Pen - Mrs. Hall: ​

February - Depending on which website or calendar you read, February is filled with all kinds of special days - Groundhog and Valentine's Day, of course, but add in Hoodie Hoo Day (check it out!), Card Reading Day, World Thinking Day, Tell a Fairy Tale Day, Public Sleeping Day and Don't Cry over Spilled Milk Day. A few of my personal favourites are National Organ Donor Day, Make a Friend Day and Random Acts of Kindness Day.

The reason I like these days in particular is because I hope that they represent a small part of what we are teaching our children. I want to believe that we are entrusting the future to young citizens who have empathy, who care, and who will erase the increasing fear-mongering and prejudice and intolerance that seems to be growing and growing and becoming more acceptable each day.

I'm hoping that our children will change the world for the better, but they need our help. We need to guide them by modelling care, trust, love and empathy. We need to practice tolerance and acceptance and acknowledge the many similarities we have with people of all races, ethnicities, religions and beliefs all over the world. We are more alike than different.

Hey - take note of February 16 - Do a Grouch a Favour Day - and help me (and our wonderfully not-grouchy staff) help our kids be the best they can be.

To bring in another set of helping hands, on Friday, February 10, M. C. Knoll will host keynote guest speaker, Andre Genthon Sovereign, who will bring us a presentation called the Canada Goal. He will add value and encouragement toward key aspects of life that relate to the individual desire to LEARN and to BE the best YOU can be. This event will inspire daily learning with a 'growth mindset' and leave behind lasting memories that will promote individual success & positivity within our learning environment. Our K - 4 students will work with Mr. Sovereign from 10:45 - 12:00, and our

Gr. 4 - 8 students will have him all afternoon. Feel free to join us.​