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M.C. Knoll School
Respect, Responsibility & Recognition of Excellence
Jul 26, 2017
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M.C Knoll Staff Assignments 2016/2017 ​​

Principal Mrs. T. Hall
Vice-Principal Mr. P. Adams
Secretary Mrs. C. Buchholzer
Kindergarten Mrs. K. Hanson
Class 1R             Mrs. K. Reeve
Class 1C Ms. L. Corson
Class 2R Mrs. K. Rodgerson
Class 2B Mrs. D. Budz
Class 3S Ms. J. Stewart
Class 3MW Mrs. K. Michalchuk
Ms. Wagner
Class 4J Mr. R. Jordan 
Class 4C Mrs. Crow & Mrs.Hanson
Class 5M Mrs. S. Muir
Class 5/6SA Mr.Schendel & Mr. Adams
Class 6K Miss. A. Knight
Class 7P Miss D. Phillippi
Class 7M Mr. B. McDowell
Class 8CP Ms. S. Christie-Petrovich
Class 8CA Ms. J. Cannon
Student Support Mrs. L. Jarvis, Mr. Adams
Student Support Mrs. Michalchuk
Library Mrs. Erhardt
                                Ms. Langridge
Band Mr. S. Yemen
Industrial Arts Mr. E. Bellamy
Home Economics Miss Wilson
Educational Assistants Mrs. C. Somogyi
Mrs. J. Grant
Mrs. V. Bartley
Mrs.  A. Nash
Custodians Mrs. L. Murdock 
                                Mr. J. Swanson


Our School Day

Outside Supervision Begins as 8:40.  We ask that students do not arrive at the school prior to this time to ensure safety.​

  • Period 1:  8:50 – 9:30
  • Period 2:  9:30 – 10:00
  • Period 3:  10:00 – 10:30
  • Period 4:  10:45 – 11:20
  • Period 5:  11:20 – 11:55
  • Lunch/Recess:  11:55 – 12:50
  • Period 6:  12:50 – 1:25
  • Period 7:  1:25 – 2:00
  • Period 8: 2:15 – 2:55
  • Period 9: 2:55 – 3:30


Inclement Weather

For the safety of our children, when the wind chill factor is -30 or it is raining, students will stay indoors.

Parking and Student Pick Up

PLEASE LEAVE THE FIRE LANE OPEN FOR BUSES AFTER SCHOOL.  To ensure the safety of our children, please arrange to pick up your child in the Heritage Baptist church parking lot or across the street from the school.  We have crossing guards to ensure your child crosses the street safely.  Often our buses are unable to park where there is supervision if cars are parked in the fire lane.

Remember that using the staff parking lot for this purpose may be dangerous.

 Many small children cross our parking lot to get to their homes/parent’s cars and it is dangerous to have vehicles backing up or turning around in the small space. We know the street or church parking lot is a farther walk for children but it is a safer alternative.  

Guest parking is available at the front of the school if you are here for a visit