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M.C. Knoll School
Respect, Responsibility & Recognition of Excellence
Sep 22, 2017
School Day 2
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Learning Improvement Plan
1. Writing - We know our students are reading better than ever (but we’re still striving for higher levels),
so we’re focussing on our writing this year.

2. Math - In order to do higher math easily and quickly, our students need to have automatic immediate
recall of basic facts. Each class will be doing frequent practices, and you can help, too. PLEASE
practice those math facts at home each night! We will continue with problem-solving, too, of course,
because the two go hand in hand . 

3. Physical Fitness - In our curriculum, each grade has an outcome that must be measured regarding our
students’ physical fitness. We feel, like many Canadians, the staff and students of M.C. Knoll would
benefit from being in better physical shape! We need to get those heart rates up! Here is another area in
which parents can help. Get your children running, jogging, race-walking, dancing… anything to keep their
heart rates up for a SUSTAINED amount of time. We can do it!​​