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May 20, 2019
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Cross Country Running


MCS Cobra Cross Country 2018

Welcome to the MCS Cobra Cross Country Team!

This year's coaches are Mr. Wilson, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Kittelson and Mrs. Strachan. If you have any questions or concerns regarding cross country, please feel free to contact us at the school at 306-728-4181 or via text at 306-728-6972 (Mr. Wilson), 306-730-8602 (Mr. Coleman), 306-748-0010 (Mr. Kittleson) or 306-730-7456 (Mrs. Strachan).

Practices and General Information:

Who:  All are welcome; no experience needed.  Come out and have fun running!

- Equipment needed:  a pair of running shoes and comfortable work out clothing.

- Fees: Athletes fees for meets are paid for by the school.

- Meals and drinks:  Athletes are encouraged to pack their own healthy lunches, drinks and

  snacks for Meets, but may purchase food there. Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself

  throughout the day, especially prior to race day.  Chocolate milk is a great way to replenish  

  your electrolytes after you run.  Sports drinks tend to have a lot of sugar in them and are not  

  recommended.  Eat plenty of veggies and fruit along with a balanced diet including protein,

  carbs and whole grains.  A healthy diet will go far to fuel your runsJ

- Practices: will be held as often as possible. A monthly calendar with dates and times will

  handed out as soon as the team decides when they'd like to practice.

- Athletes wishing to change at the school must do so prior to practice as practices will start on


- Athletes are reminded to lock their belongings in their gym lockers to prevent theft.

- Athletes are meant to meet at the outdoor basketball courts on the north side of the school.

- Athletes wishing to compete in the cross country meets are strongly encouraged to attend all

  practices with the team.

Cross Country is a demanding sport that involves strenuous physical activity under a wide variety of conditions. Although reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the athletes, the possibility of injury does exist. We, therefore, ask all student athletes to complete and return the Athlete Information Form to Mr. Wilson, Mr. Coleman or Mrs. Strachan before they are allowed to compete!​​

Cross Country Meets are as follows:

Thursday, Sept. 13th:     Cherrydale run for peace @  Cherrydale Golf Course Yorkton

Monday, Sept. 17th:     Deer Park Run @ Deer Park Golf Course 

Sunday, Sept. 23rd:     Prairie Summit @ Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

Friday, Sept. 28th:     Autumn Summit @ Saltcats Regional park

Sunday, Sept. 30th:     Colour run @ Yorkdale Central School

Thursday, Oct. 4th:     East Central Districts @ Cherrydale Golf Course Yorkton

Saturday, Oct. 13th:     Provincial @ Delisle Golf course

Sunday, Oct. 14th:     Deadfall 50 Trail Race @ Echo Valley Prov Park

2018 Cross Country Team:

Liberty Waldbauer            Jordyn Bear             Kalynn Hodgins

Taylor Kirwan                    Kyla Bear                Halle Bowles

Lecina Gray                        Reauna Blight         M.A.

Brooke Bassingthwaite     McKenna Davis

Aiden Atkins                      Heather Fiske

Summer McKay                  Anica Gaithoer

Logan Halarewich              Taylor Halarewich

Carter Dumelie                   Allison Hayhurst

Drew Martinook                 Megan Hayhurst

Ava Metzger                       Cheyenne Jamieson

Tayton LaPierre                 Tamara Knapp

Karter Fredriksen              Starla Mann

Damien Eskowich              Tori McNabb

Riley Glaicar                      Ava Metzger

Tori McNabb                      J.N.

Janae Neufeld                    Kailey Ottenbreit

Kaitlyn Krieger                   Sadie Rabiej

Lizzie Bjorgan                    Samantha Thompson