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Aug 08, 2022
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One School One Book
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2/11/2022 2:26 PMKelsey Shields
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2/1/2022 12:45 PMKelsey Shields
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2/10/2022 8:25 AMKelsey Shields
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2/10/2022 8:25 AMKelsey Shields
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2/3/2022 10:54 AMKelsey Shields
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2/4/2022 9:46 AMKelsey Shields
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2/7/2022 1:09 PMKelsey Shields
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2/8/2022 2:25 PMKelsey Shields

Humphrey.jpgEvery year our school participates in One School One Book. During this activity, each of our families get one copy of a book that has been chosen based on a theme. During the 2-4 weeks of this activity, families are encouraged to take 15 minutes each weekday evening to spend time together and read the assigned pages. We do schoolwide activities and have fun with our book!

Our books throughout the years have included:

2021-2022 Frindle

2020-2021 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

2019-2020 A Boy Called Bat

2018-2019 (Author focus) Sigmund Brouwer

2017-2018 School Days According to Humphrey

2016-2017 The One and Only Ivan