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Jan 26, 2022
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The Yorkdale Central School Community Council (SCC) generally meets on in the first week of most months. Call the school to confirm.

School Community Councils will help to strengthen the capacity of schools to improve children's learning. By helping families to support their children's learning and by gathering the resources of the community to ensure student well-being Councils will make a valued contribution to the learning success of Saskatchewan students. School Community Councils replace all other entities as defined in legislation. School Community Councils are established within the authority of Boards of Education to ensure alignment of accountability, authority and responsibility among the schools of the Division.

The purpose of the School Community Council is to:

• develop shared responsibility for the learning success and well-being of all children and youth; and,

• encourage and facilitate parent and community engagement in school planning and improvement processes.

The SCC is an integral, purposeful and valued component of School Division governance.

(Local Accountability and Partnerships Panel, 2005)

In operation, the SCC utilizes its own constitution as well handbook resource from the Saskatchewan School Boards Association.


SCC Handbook for SCCs and Principals.pdf

Minutes from 2020-21 Meetings

YCS SCC Minutes 2020 Oct 6.pdf

October 2020 Parent Council Report.pdf

YCS SCC Minutes AGM Nov 3.pdf

SCC Executive Directory 2020-21.doc

November 2020 Parent Council Report.doc

December 2019 Parent Council Report.pdf

YCS SCC Minutes Dec 2.pdf

February 2021 Parent Council Report FULL.pdf

SCC Meeting Minutes Feb 2 2021.pdf

March 2021 SCC Agenda w Principals Report FULL.pdf

YCS SCC Minutes March 2021.pdf

April 2021 SCC Agenda w Principals Report FULL.pdf

YCS SCC Minutes April 2021.pdf

May 2021 SCC Agenda w Principal Report FULL.pdf

YCS SCC Minutes May 2021.pdf

June 2021 SCC Agenda w Principal Report FULL.pdf

YCS SCC Minutes June 2021.pdf

Minutes of Past Meetings will be posted for sharing.

January Meeting was spent with Sigmund Brouwer