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Yorkdale Central School
Home of the Royals
Nov 30, 2021
School Day 6
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Message from the Principal's Office

​​​On behalf of the school community, I would like to welcome you to Yorkdale Central School! We have a wonderful school community, as our building is full of caring, skilled staff members that are proficient in keeping current with the developments and trends deemed most effective in student learning. They are definitely committed to doing what is best for your children. The students, parents and school workers think highly of their school and while they would openly share their "brag book" with you, they also invite you to speak to the Yorkton community as a whole; for we believe that they will also share positively about our building. 

​In the past, Yorkdale Central was high school and a middle years school prior to becoming a Kindergarten to Grade 8 elementary school. For this reason, one would encounter many parents and other community members who are familiar with the school. Many of those still identify with the school and still contribute to our school through donations and volunteering, and our School Community Council does a great job organizing and involving parents. Even our local high school, the Yorkton Regional, will be able to comment on the number of Yorkdale Central students that go on to fill their Honour Rolls, succeed on the sports fields and floors, entertain in their drama programs, and exercise good citizenship in their hallways.

In quick closure, we believe our community shares the belief that "to be a Yorkdale Royal" is an accolade that goes on well past our Grade 8 year.

YCS Principal-

Mr. Shaune Beatty


YCS Mission: "In partnership with the community, Yorkdale Central School will provide a nurturing environment where each student can develop to one's full potential in preparation for the future."

YCS Motto: "Born to Lead" 

YCS Values: Community. Commitment. Collaboration. Courage. Compassion

YCS Vision Statements

Yorkdale Central School is a centre of educational excellence that…

Develops, maintains, and promotes academic, social, athletic and cultural growth for all students.

Creates an environment in which all are motivated to be active, involved, and enthusiastic learners.

Promotes physical and emotional wellness.

Encourages the support and participation of all its stakeholders.

​YCS School Profile

Yorkdale Central School is located in the community of Yorkton, a community of nearly 200000 nesting in the Parkland region of Saskatchewan. Located on the southern edge of the city, Yorkdale Central School is the educational home to approximately 480 students, including a large rural population. It is a part of the Good Spirit School Division, which is responsible for almost 6000 students in 28 schools in 17 communities. 

 Within Yorkdale Central School, there is a staff of about 35 educational workers. This includes a principal, a vice principal, and three learning support educators. There are at least two classes at each grade from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Yorkdale Central School also receives services from a supervising superintendent, speech pathologists, school psychologists, technology coordinators, a literacy coach, a math coach, and a technology catalyst teacher. The school enjoys a comprehensive maintenance and custodial program ensuring that all students and staff are provided with a clean, safe, and secure learning environment. The school has been remodelled several times, and improvements to the physical structure and amenities are continuously occurring. 

 Yorkdale Central School provides a wealth of programming options including Industrial Arts, Home Economics, French, band and music programming, and technology courses. The school also serves as an educational hub and home to students of other schools for practical and applied arts. Beyond the classroom, YCS students are served with an extensive extra-curricular program where students can participate in a variety of sports and activities. Student athletes regularly experience high levels of success in league, tournament, and championship play, and the YCS drama club is represented by a wide and involved scope of students. Outdoor education and other activities supplement an extensive learning curriculum.

The community aspect of Yorkdale Central School is observed closely by a dedicated School Community Council, which regularly coordinates and celebrates events within the school. 

Staff, students, parents, and community members think highly of Yorkdale Central School, and all its stakeholders work together in planning, improving, and providing opportunities for students to learn and grow. ​