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Aug 21, 2018
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RTI / Study Hall Booking

How to sign students up for Study Hall:

  1. Go to the Google Doc rebrand.ly/studyhall and fill in the form you find there.

  2. Should you still need to get in touch with Study Hall Supervisors, you can still email us at YRHStudyHall@gssd.ca.

How to sign students up for RTI:

  1. Start a new message in your email program. In the "TO" line - type in yrh and two options will pop up yrh.rti@gssd.ca or yrh.studyhall@gssd.ca - Choose the one you want.

  2. In the “SUBJECT” line write: STUDENT LAST NAME, FIRST NAME - Date you want them there / Period you want them there.
    For Example: Anderson, John - September 18, Period 3
    1. If you have multiple students for the same assignment, please list ALL of the students names in the Subject line

  3. In the “memo”, include the following:
    1. Subject that is being taught
    2. What is it that needs to be completed
    3. Special instructions for the assignment
    4. Can they leave when done?

Please note, these are requests by our supervising bodies, it will make life much easier in RTI and SH if everyone can get in the habit of assigning students to these rooms in this way. Thank you for your attention to details. The supervisors have been asked to email you back and indicate any formalities you may have missed.