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Jan 29, 2022
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Welcome from OUR Administrative Team

Mr. Mike Haczkewicz (Principal), Mrs. Johnna McBride (Vice-Principal), and Mr. Dennis Nesseth (Vice-Principal)

Principal's Message

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you all to the 'Land of Orange' for the 2019-2020 school year.  Whether you are brand new, wrapping up grade 12, or somewhere in between, we have a fantastic year in store for all of you!  Each and every year we look to add things to our school program to improve upon what we feel is a pretty great place to learn to begin with.  This year shall be no exception.  We have been busily preparing quite a few changes leading up to this year.  

Our list includes implementing a 'Relearning/Reassessing Policy,' Outcome Based Reporting on a 4 Point Scale at the Grade 9 level, creating a Land-Based Learning Classroom, strengthening the RTIme Program, utilizing Student Voice to make some changes with our Activity Awards, as well as to address student parking concerns.  Our school received 'Academy' status last spring which has allowed us to offer some exciting new classes such as Sports Psychology 20 and Hockey Officiating 10L this fall.  Next year if interest exists, we are investigating the possible offering of both Dance and Soccer classes.

We are also very pleased to welcome ten new staff members to our school this year.  This unprecedented amount of new staff will bring with them new opportunities for students to learn.  New staff also means new ideas to help keep the YRHS on the cusp of new educational initiatives.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this year is also the lead up year to our school's hosting of CSLC 2020, the Canadian Student Leadership Conference. The National Conference that was founded here at the YRHS by SRC Advisor Barry Sharpe in 1985.   The excitement and enthusiasm in preparing to host in excess of 1000 students from across Canada is going to have a very profound and positive impact on our students and staff this year!

I know that I speak for both Mrs. McBride, and Mr. Nesseth when I say that our doors are always open, so if you have an idea or question for any of us please pick up the phone, send us and email, or swing on by the school. 

Have a great year!

Mr. Mike Haczkewicz, Principal

Vice-Principal's Messages

Welcome to the Yorkton Regional High School.  I am the Vice-Principal that advocates for Grade 10 and 12 students.  As Grade 10 students, you begin your journey to “collecting credits” for graduation purposes.  Ideally, we like to see Grade 10 students earn ten credits, but a minimum of eight in order to graduate in a three year time period.  Over the course of the year, I will be interested in following your attendance and your academics.  Your attitude towards school will no doubt have an overall effect on both your attendance and your academic success.  I will again come into contact with you in your graduating year, which by then, in order to graduate, you will be entering Grade 12 with no less than 16 credits.  In your final year of high school, you will be looking to have earned a minimum of 24 credits total.  Many of our high school students graduate with many more credits than 24 as they take full advantage of the fantastic opportunities and supports we offer here at the high school.  It brings me great pleasure in announcing students names as they cross the stage, with a diploma in their hand, wearing a “gown” and a “cap” on their head.  High school is what you make of it…  I encourage you to get involved, have a positive attitude and try your best, always be in search for the orange pumpkin!  

Mrs. Johnna McBride, Vice-Principal

I would like to welcome everyone to the Home of the Raiders and the Land of Orange!  I have been a member of this family for 25 years having interned here in 1993.  I came here to learn and have been fortunate to stay here and be a teacher, a counsellor and an administrator.  I love our place and all that it has to offer everyone who enters!

I have the privilege of being the Grades 9 and 11 Vice-Principal here at the Yorkton Regional High School. One of my main jobs as Grade 9 Vice-Principal is going to our Grade 8 schools in the Spring and telling students all about our school and helping them transition to be Raiders! I also get to join our new Grade 9’s for all of their first steps as high school students.  As Grade 11 Vice-Principal, I get to work with students who have settled in and are anticipating their Grade 12 year. It is a true privilege (I will use that word again) to be part of all of the dreams, goals, sometimes struggles, and accomplishments that our students experience as they work their way through to their futures.

My advice to all of our students is to continually go beyond your perceived limits.  That is how great things happen and how you become stronger and better at anything you do.  The Yorkton Regional High School offers so many things to choose from – arts, fine arts, athletics and community – all you have to do is make that first step!  

Have a great year, everyone!

Mr. Dennis Nesseth, Vice-Principal