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  • Jun 16, 2021
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    Staff Directory

    To contact the Administration Office, phone 306-786-5500 or toll-free 1-866-390-0773. Email is also a great way to get in touch with us and have your inquiry directed to the appropriate individual; email The GSSD organizational charts are a reflection of reporting structures and areas of responsibility for senior staff.  In the use of the policy governance model, the Board of Education has one employee - the Director of Education.  The Director is responsible for the efficient and effective management of the division. 


    The following is a list of our Administration Office Staff:


    Job Title



    Donna Court Receptionist (306) 786-5500
    Heather Morris Assistant to the Director (306) 786-5501 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Paige Kashmere Learning Support Assistant (306) 786-5529 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Quintin Robertson Director of Education (306) 786-4750 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Donna Kriger Deputy Director of Education Services (306) 786-5504 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Keith Gervais Chief Financial Officer (306) 786-4758 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Alisa Leidl Superintendent of Education (306) 786-5530 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Mark Forsythe Superintendent of Education (306) 786-4754 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Lisa Wotherspoon Superintendent of Education (306) 786-4751 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Vacant Superintendent of EducationN/AN/A

    Accounting Department

    Darryl James Accounting Manager (306) 786-5545 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Deirdre Kologie Accounting Assistant (306) 786-4793 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Shean Plosz Accounting Assistant (306) 786-4794 ‚Äčemail.PNG

    Human Resources Department

    Jason Trost Superintendent of Human Resources  (306) 786-5532 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Christine Hawley
    Human Resources Advisor (306) 786-4757 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Sharon Cymbalisty Human Resources Advisor‚Äč (306) 786-4774 ‚Äčemail.PNG

    Payroll Department

    Raquel Spilchuk Payroll Supervisor (306) 786-5546 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Kim Davis Payroll Assistant (306) 786-5502 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Jaime Kennedy Payroll Assistant (306) 786-4752 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Monica Morgan Payroll Assistant (306) 786-5547 ‚Äčemail.PNG

    Transportation Department

    ‚ÄčRyan Hall
    ‚ÄčTransportation Manager
    ‚Äč(306) 786-4759
    Kelly Becker
    Shop Foreman (GSEC)
    ‚ÄčRob Graf
    ‚ÄčShop Foreman (Melville)
    Becky Hoffman Transportation Routing Assistant (306) 786-4798 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Laurel Pitsula Transportation Assistant (306) 786-5505 ‚Äčemail.PNG

    Technology Services Department

    Shawn Kostiuk Network Coordinator (306) 786-5507 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    ‚ÄčCory Stupak
    ‚ÄčSystems Analyst
    ‚Äč(306) 786-5537
    Randy Fleury Network Technician (306) 786-5539 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Terren Sweezey Network Technician (306) 786-5536 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Scott Webster Network Technician (306) 786-5539 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Jhonnette Principe N/AN/AN/A
    ‚ÄčMili Patel
    ‚ÄčDatabase Administrator
    ‚Äč(306) 786-5538
    Kishan Malaviya Programmer Analyst (306) 786-5531 email.PNG
    Michelle Morley Digital Learning Coordinator (306) 641-9126 ‚Äčemail.PNG

    Facilities Department

    ‚ÄčPatrick Morrison
    ‚ÄčFacilities Manager
    ‚Äč(306) 786-4795
    Chad Rennie
    Facilities Coordinator
    (306) 786-4753 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    Dan Boyle Caretaker/Safety Coordinator (306) 786-3674 ‚Äčemail.PNG
    ‚ÄčCarmal Kittler ‚ÄčFacilities Assistant‚Äč ‚Äč(306) 786-4792 ‚Äčemail.PNG