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  • May 22, 2022
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    The Facilities Department has responsibility for the maintenance of all school division buildings and property. Under the guidance of Keith Gervais, Chief Financial Officer, our facilities team includes:

    Patrick Morrison
    ​​Facilities Manager
    Phone: 306.786.4795

    Chad Rennie
    Facilities Coordinator 
    ​Phone: 306.786.4753 
    Dan Boyle
    Caretaker Coordinator​​​ ​
    ​Phone: 306.786.5509

    Carmal Kittler
    Facilities Assistant
    ​Phone: 306.786.5533

    Facilities Technicians​​
    Chad Hicks 
    Regan Cobb
    Hunter Gordon
    Derek Ferguson
    Regan Bohn
    Dean Katzberg