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  • Jun 12, 2021
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    Strategic Plan

    ​​​​​2020-21 Strategic Plan Overview (002).pngDespite dealing with the complexities and challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Good Spirit School Division (GSSD) Board of Education approved Policy 1 Foundational Statements and the Strategic Plan during their August 27, 2020 meeting. 

    GSSD's 2020-21 Student & Family goals continue with the incremental improvement targets connected to the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP). As a result, the division will continue to collect data in early years, reading, writing, math, attendance, intellectual engagement, outcome-based reporting and graduation rates. As a result of the suspension of education and assessments due to the COVID-19 pandemic the assessment goals will be compared to the June 2019 data. During the months of March 2020 to June 2020, GSSD offered supplemental learning opportunities for students. Throughout this time, it became evident that not all families within the division boundaries had access to internet which made it difficult to provide learning resources as well as deliver some communication. As a result, two goals within the Student & Family focus were included:

      • GSSD will obtain an 80% parental satisfaction rating regarding COVID-19 supports and response.
      • GSSD will see an improvement in communication with families based on parental engagement data.

    The Internal Process goal has been changed to provide an opportunity to report on processes and administrative procedures separately.

    To align with ESSP priorities, two goals have been set within the People Capacity focus area:

      • GSSD will actualize an Early Years Engagement Network.
      • GSSD will establish a First Nations, MΓ©tis and Inuit Engagement Network to enhance educational opportunities for Indigenous students. 


    If you have any questions regarding the GSSD strategic planning process, please contact Quintin Robertson, Director of Education, at 306-786-4750.​​


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