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  • Jul 22, 2018
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    School Community Councils

    ​​​​​ SCC website.jpgSchool Community Councils (SCCs) are comprised of elected individuals from the community; they are school-level advisory bodies that are required in every school. Members representing each SCC meet regularly in an assembly to share ideas with each other and do important work in collaboration with their respective school.  One such area includes the setting of yearly Learning Improvement Plans (LIPs) to advance the educational objectives of their school and the division as a whole. Any community resident is eligible to run for an elected position on their community's SCC as long as they are an elector as defined in the Local Government Election Act.

    The Division believes that effective communication among the school, the home and the community assists in the promotion of the system's goals of education.  Principals are encouraged to establish in their communities an organization of teachers, parents and others interested in educational affairs, and to develop and maintain appropriate communication channels.


                   2017-18 School Community Council Chairs

    Calder School​Noreen Balabuck
    Canora Composite School​Patti-Jo Donovan
    Canora Junior Elementary School​Kellyanne Ostafie
    Churchbridge Public School​Tricia Rathgeber
    ​Columbia School​Terri Kentel-Weinheimer
    ​Davison School​Jackie Wionzek
    ​Dr. Brass School​Tamara Hudy
    ​Esterhazy High School​Elise Dunster
    Fort Livingstone SchoolTania Zawislak
    Grayson School​Francis Ottenbreit
    Invermay School​Jana Graham
    Kamsack Comprehensive​Amanda Burback
    Langenburg Central SchoolJill Faul
    M.C. Knoll School​Pearl Irvine
    ​Macdonald School​Jessica Yanko
    Melville Comprehensive​Larry Yeadon
    ​Miller SchoolRebecca Perra
    ​Norquay SchoolMelissa Johnson
    ​P.J. Gillen School​Tammy MacDonald
    Preeceville School​Kim Sandager
    ​Saltcoats School​Joan Michael
    Springside School​Michelle Eckhart
    Sturgis Composite/Sturgis Elementary​Janice Beatty
    ​Victoria SchoolAndrea Marsh
    ​Yorkdale Central School​Greg Litvani
    ​Yorkton Regional High SchoolNoreen Balabuck


    To learn more about School Community Councils, check out the following links:


    The Accounting Department has developed a Tip Sheet and Financial Report Form ​for the use of SCCs.  To utilize the original Excel version, click here.  For additional information, you may also be interested in AP 110 School Community Councils and AP 521 Loans to School Community Councils.


    The fall brings SCC Annual General Meetings and elections.  All are encouraged to participate and have a voice in your local school. 


    If you should have any questions, feel free to contact our Administration Office at 306-786-5500 or toll free 1-866-390-0773; email