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  • Feb 16, 2019
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    Non-School Facilities Audit

    July 05, 2018

    Logo.jpgOver the past year, the Division has undertaken a non-school facilities audit to identify the deficiencies in the bus garages, maintenance shops and administration office. The Division contracted PMGM Architecture to perform a condition assessment. The firm developed a report outlining the deficiencies in each building and gave an opinion of cost to address these issues. A summary of these costs is listed below.

    ​Melville Bus Garage​$15,500​$213,000​$41,000​​$269,500
    ​Yorkton Bus Garage​$9,000​$168,000​$33,000​$210,000
    ​Sturgis Bus Garage​$7,000​$181,000​$39,000​$227,000
    ​Kamsack Bus Garage​$24,500​$224,000​$39,300$287,800
    ​Yorkton Maintenance Shop​$146,000​$15,000​$75,500​​$236,500
    ​Sturgis Maintenance Shop​$26,000​$60,000​$30,000​$116,000
    ​Fairview Education Centre​$261,000​$655,000​$14,000$930,000
    Over the next few months, the Board will work with Administration to determine a plan of action in how best to address these deficiencies and the operational efficiency challenges of the Division.