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    Early Learning - Prekindergarten and Kindergarten

    ​​​​​blocks and gloves.jpgPrekindergarten Prekindergarten programs support the holistic development of children that meet criteria established by the Ministry of Education. The program focuses on fostering social and emotional development, communication and language skills, fine and gross motor skills, intellectual development and self-help skills. Policies to ensure children living in vulnerable circumstances are given first opportunity to be enrolled in a Prekindergarten Program are followed to ensure the children and families with the greatest vulnerability are served first. 
    Applications are available at the schools or on the Student Registration page

    The Early Learning Intensive Support Pilot Program (ELIS) is a program for young children who require intensive supports to meet their potential. ELIS provides additional spaces in a limited number of Prekindergarten programs to provide opportunities for children to engage in inclusive learning with other children the same age. Support will be provided through a collaborative team approach to meet individualized needs, and to promote strengths from learning and participation. The unique needs and circumstances of the child, the class and facility will be considered for each situation.

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    Kindergarten is a place where your child will learn and grow; where you can expect a stimulating learning environment, active, experiential learning and appreciation for diversity. The Kindergarten program advocates development of the whole child; social emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

    For more information regarding our Early Learning Programs, please see the links below or contact our Early Learning Coach, Christine Danyluk at 306-786-5500.

    Kindergarten Orientation

    PreK Locations

    ​​Community ​​



    Canora  ​140 1st Ave West 306.563.5945
    Esterhazy PPEP  ​Esterhazy High School  306.745.2893 
    Langenburg ​Langenburg Central School  306.743.2631
    Kamsack  ​Victoria School  306.542.2546
    Melville  ​Davison School 306.728.3955 
    Yorkton   Columbia School 306.786.5510 
    Yorkton ​ ​Dr Brass School​​​​ 306.786.5520 ​

    Prekindergarten and Kindergarten  ​​​

    Transitioning Through to Kindergarten

    ​Research has offered evidence that the positive attitude of the parents/caregivers toward education has a strong impact on student success.

    • Kindergarten is easier when children have basic skills such as the following: knowing their personal information; being able to dress independently; being independent with personal care; and knowing how to cooperate with other children through sharing and taking turns.   
    • Singing with and reading to your child strengthens their language and communication skills. Children need to hear the rhythm of language and they benefit from listening to the same stories and verses over and over again. If parents/caregivers demonstrate a love of books, then children usually will too.
    • Providing writing tools and paper for children and encouraging them to "write" lists, thank you notes, etc. also promotes development. 
    • Play time is learning time!​

    For parents of students with intensive needs, the following documents will be helpful for you to prepare for your child’s transition to PreK/K meeting:

    Early Years Evaluation-Teacher Assessment

    Kindergarten teachers across Saskatchewan utilize the Early Years Evaluation Teacher Assessment (EYE-TA) with all Kindergarten children as outlined by the Ministry of Education. This developmental screening tool provides parents, teachers and schools with accurate and meaningful information on children’s early developmental skills. The information gathered will help to support a responsive learning environment for your child and will help teachers to design instruction and support strategies. The Experiences That Can Strengthen Your Child's Development​ document contains simple ideas that will promote the development of skills included in the five EYE-TA domains.​​


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