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February is Indigenous Storytelling Month!

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GSSD will be hosting Indigenous Storytellers all month long on Tuesdays and Thursdays (excluding the February break). This is an incredible way to learn more about Indigenous heritage and culture.

All GSSD students, families and staff are welcome to join! Check out the schedule and click here to join the Teams!


February 27, 2024 with Boston Bear

  • Gr. 8-12: 1:00pm

February 29, 2024 with Heather O'Watch

  • Kin-Gr. 1: 9:10-9:40am
  • Gr. 2: 9:45-10:15am
  • PreK & MELP: 10:20-10:50am
  • Gr. 2 & 3: 11:10-11:40am

The knowledge, wisdom, and experience each individual brings is unique.