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  • Jun 12, 2021
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    Celebrations at Esterhazy High School!

    May 17, 2021

    ​Each year, Esterhazy High School participates in the Canadian Scholastic League Academic Challenge.

    Below are the results for Esterhazy High School students.

    This year 1400 grade 6 students participated in the contest from across Canada. This is a trivia style test with 100 questions on pop culture, general knowledge, math, English, history, science, and geography. Students who score at or above the national average receive a certificate of merit.  

    Pic 1 EHS Gr. 6.jpg

    Appearing left-right: Harriett Sesperes, Callie Raiwet, Cash Yurkiw, Aristo Swanevelder, Annabella Smith, Griffin Lippai. Missing: Trezden Isaac

    Pic 2 EHS Gr. 6.jpg

    Back row: Tayva Simon, Sophia Monaghan

    Appearing left-right: Eric Currie, Kaleo Chretien, Augustto Zinn, Levi Reid, Makayla Hungle

    Congratulations to Levi Reid - Top Grade 6 student in the province for the National Scholastic Challenge! (pictured below)

    Levi Gr. 6 EHS.jpg

    This year, 4000 grade 8 students from across Canada participated. Eleven Grade 8 students from EHS took part in the challenge.

    Pic 1 EHS Gr. 8.jpg

    Appearing left-right: Peighton Ens, Mia Drader, Mitchell Newton, Josh Blair, Ethan Currie

    Pic 2 EHS Gr. 8.jpg

    Appearing left-right: Raouf Saha, Ashton Carriere-Chaisson, Brayden Walker, Bree Unchulenko, Harmonie Madayag, Jhaira Equiza

    Missing: Kiah Shields

    Congratulations to Mia Drader - Top Grade 8 student at EHS for the National Scholastic Challenge! (pictured below)

    Mia Gr. 8 EHS.jpg