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  • Jul 03, 2022
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    Support for Online Courses

    All Grade 10-12 Math and Science (Online) courses are available to teachers and students at GSSD. Students can use it for independent study and contact his/her teacher for support. Please contact your teacher to access any of these online classes.

    Note: Over the next couple of days will be adding additional courses to the list.

    Online Math Courses Available

    Grade 4 Math 

    Grade 5 Math 

    Grade 6 Math 

    Grade 7 Math 

    Grade 8 Math 

    Grade 9 Math 

    Grade 10 Online Courses Available

    Math Workplace and Apprenticeship 10

    Math Foundations and PreCalculus 10

    Science 10

    Grade 11 Online Courses Available

    Math Pre-Calculus 20

    Math Workplace and Apprenticeship 20

    Foundations 20

    Physical Science 20

    Environmental Science 20

    Health Science 20

    Grade 12 Online Courses Available

    Math Foundations 30

    Math Workplace and Apprenticeship 30

    Math Pre-Calculus 30

    Math Calculus 30

    Physics 30

    Biology 30

    Chemistry 30