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Jul 03, 2022
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Apprentice Credits
β€œHigh school credit for working in a trade”  Are you interested in experiences that involve working in a trade?​  GOOD SPIRIT SCHOOL DIVISION   You can earn a high school credit if you work part-time in a trade, and you are working under the direct supervision of a journeyperson and completing level one apprenticeship tasks.    

If you find a journeyperson who will hire you part-time when you are in high school (during the school year, or during the summer), please contact the GSSD Distributed Learning Contact for Apprenticeship Credits indicated below.  You will be able to discuss this opportunity and then start the process of completing the proposal form.  

For more information, click on the GSSD Administrative Procedure for Apprenticeship Credits 



  • To enroll in an Apprenticeship Credit, the student is required to be employed under the supervision of a certified journeyperson in a trade in which the hours worked are eligible for Form 6A submission to the Saskatchewan Trade Certification Commission. 


  • To earn Apprenticeship Credit recognition, the student must actually be doing the work of the trade, not merely observing the work environment. 


  • Prior to enrolment, the student must complete and submit a personalized learning proposal, to the school administration, using the Apprenticeship Credit Proposal Template. (see link below) 


  • Schools shall establish procedures for communicating to parents/guardians and students the availability, administrative procedures or policies, and requirements for credit attainment for Apprenticeship.  


For more information, click on the Ministry of Education Supporting Documents

Contact:  Valerie Gendreau   valerie.gendreau@gssd.ca   Phone:  306.641.9128