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Jul 03, 2022
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Special Project Credits

​“Recognizing out-of-school student initiatives” 




If you have an interest in a particular field, outside of the electives and core classes offered within your high school program, or perhaps you would like to explore an area in more depth -- you may want to consider applying for a special project credit. 


Special project credits may be given for a business project, a volunteer project that you are completing in your community or even outside of Saskatchewan, or a project that involves the use of unique skills and knowledge.  There are many ideas that could develop into an out-of-school initiative that would be considered for special project credit. 

If you have an idea for a special project credit, please contact the GSSD Distributed Learning Contact for Special Projects indicated below.  You will be able to discuss your idea for the special project credit and then start the process of completing the proposal form.  

For more information, click on the GSSD Administrative Procedure for Special Project Credits 

GSSD Administrative Procedure, Special Project Credits

 (Policy 2018) 


To meet the credit requirements for graduation, the Ministry of Education recognizes three  

Special Project Credits per student for out-of-school initiatives, on the basis of work proposed  

and completed by an individual student. The Special Project Credit(s) shall be named  

Special Project 10, Special Project 20, or Special Project 30 and may be used to fulfill elective  

requirements for graduation.    


Students must complete the credit(s) during grades 10-12.  


Granting of credit for approved out-of-school initiatives recognizes student achievement in areas outside of the regular Secondary Level program. It encourages students to become involved in the selection, planning, and organization of their own programs.  


While students may use programs currently in place (e.g., Cadet Training, post-secondary courses) to develop their personal learning proposal, it is recommended that the proposal(s) be developed to meet the needs and interests of the individual student.   


For more information, click on the Ministry of Education Policy for Special Project Credits

Contact:  Valerie Gendreau  -   valerie.gendreau@gssd.ca   Phone: 306.641.9128