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Jan 24, 2022
School Day 4
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Accounting 20
​​​Pre-Requisite​ ​Ti​meline​​
Accounting 10​Semester 1 & 2​

Instructor:​Valerie Gendreau

Course Description

In Accounting 20, students will learn about the retail business.  The retail business sells products rather than services.  Students will build on their knowledge from Grade and complete the accounting cycle for the retail business. They will learn new terminology, transactions, journals, ledgers and financial statements – all unique to a retail business.  They will also learn about businesses structured as a corporation vs a business that is not a corporation.   As this is an intermediate high school course, students will also be introduced to some specialized content – taxation and payroll.​

Units of Study

​Unit 1 - Transactions and Taxation

Unit 2 - The Merchandising Company

Unit 3 - Subsidiary Ledger System

Unit 4 - Special Journal System

Unit 5 - Cash Control and Banking

Unit 6 - Completing the Accounting Cycle for a Merchandising Firm

Unit 7 - Analyzing Financial Statements

Unit 8 - Payroll Accounting