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Jan 24, 2022
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ELA 20


Pre-Requisite​ ​Ti​meline​​
​ELA A10, B10Semester 2

Instructor:Lynette Kaminski

Course Description

As we journey on the road of life, we learn about ourselves, others, and the natural and constructed worlds. Childhood and youth lay the foundation for life, for learning and experiencing, and for health and well-being. The paths of childhood and youth are not the same for all, however. For some children and youth, it is a time of wonder, imagination, inquiry, and innocence; for others, it is a time of neglect, abandonment, abuse, pain, exploitation, and innocence destroyed. Through relationships with the social, natural, and spiritual worlds, children and youth establish their identities among family members, caregivers, friends, peers, and others. By examining the complex nature of childhood and youth, we have the opportunity to understand how childhood and youth contribute to who we are and who we would like to be.

Units of Study

Unit 1 - Starting Out: Beginning and Becoming

​Unit 2 - Moving Forward - Establishing and Realizing

​ ​