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Jan 24, 2022
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Entrepreneurship 30
​​​Pre-Requisite​ ​Ti​meline​​
​​None​Semester 1 & 2​

InstructorValerie Gendreau

Course Description

Entrepreneurship 30 is an exciting business course. The course provides an introduction to business theory and concept, and provides a focus on creating a business idea and business plan.   If you are interested in the business field – marketing, accounting, human resources, manager, sales, production, and so on, this may be a course for you!   You will learn about what it means to be a business owner--an entrepreneur.  Further you will have an opportunity to explore what characteristics, skills and knowledge entrepreneurs require to be successful.  The course highlights introductory units of business theory and includes a full comprehensive business plan as the final project in place of a final exam.

Units of Study

​​Unit 1 - What is Entrepreneurship?

Unit 2 - Entrepreneurial Skills

Unit 3 - Seeking Opportunities

Unit 4 - Entrepreneurial Career Exploration

Unit 5 - Canada and Saskatchewan Economy - Introduction to Economics

Unit 6 - Market Research

Unit 7 - Planning a Venture

Unit 8 - Financing a Venture