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Sep 20, 2018
School Day 1
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LIP Goal 3 Attendance

​​​Our current goal was to achieve 88% attendace from grades 5-12.  We were extremely close with our current school year results of 86.8%.  We have employed a number of initiatives to try to combat attendance including:

  • Attendance think tank - we got 5 of our teachers together (attendance PLC) to brainstorm strategies or ideas to increase attendance.  The groups main recommendation was setting up blended learning opportunities and increasing relationships with students.
  • Development of blended learning environment - some teachers have developed online course resources that students can access anywhere and gives them more assessment options if the student cannot be present.
  • Flexible scheduling - chronic non-attenders may need a 'soft landing' when they get to school to ease them into the school day and to make them feel more connected.
  • Following their Voices - we were one of 9 schools in the province to be selected for this initiative.  The goal is to increase teacher-student relations with the theory being that if students are more connected to school, they will want to attend, and attendance will lead to achievement/graduation
total attendance.JPG
The graph above shows the various attendance rates of the various grades.  Grade 5-8's seem to attend more regularly than the senior grades, but not by very much.  The graphs below break up the data into the number of students that are in the green, yellow and red in each grade.  The green category is 0-10% absent, the yellow category is 11-25% absent, and the red category is more than 25% absent for the year.

gr 5 8 attendance.JPGgr 9 12 sem 1 attendance.JPGgr 9 12 sem 2 attendance.JPG