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Sep 24, 2018
School Day 3
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LIP Goal 1 ELA


Our ELA program includes four LLI groups, a guided reading program in grade 5&6, rainbow reading groups, remix reading groups for grade 7&8, and various other Tier I and Tier II interventions


The above graph shows that are ELA proficient history has been a little scattered.  We have yet to duplicate our 2013 results where 71% of our students were proficient in ELA.  This continues to be an area of focus.


Our current results are 59.9% of our students are proficient in ELA.  You will notice from this graph that our junior students are statistically higher than our senior students.  This can be attributed to the various programs that were listed above being employed in our junior grades.  ​​

F&P Results

grade 5 fp.JPGgrade 6 fp.JPG   Fp total.JPG

Our F&P goal was to have 70% of our grade 5&6 students meeting or exceeding expectations (green and blue levels).  The graphs show that we were a little short of our goal, however, we did see steady improvement through the assessment intervals, especially in the grade 5's.

RAD Assessment


We were well short of our RAD goal of 70% or higher of students meeting expectations on the RAD.  However, these results are encouraging as we made signigicant strides over previous years (17-18%).  This can be attributed to all the interventions we have been using that were listed at the top of this page.