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Jul 15, 2018
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2015-2016 Goal #1: ELA

The ELA goal for this year had two parts.  First, we looked at proficiency (70% or higher) in each grade.  Secondly, we looked at meeting grade level in reading for grades 5-6.  The results are below:

Proficiency in ELA

ELA big hist.JPG

As you can see from the graph, our ELA proficiency has been erratic.  As we move towards outcome based reporting in the future for grades 5-8, we will be altering our ELA LIP goal to fit that type of reporting.  We will still look at ELA proficiency in grades 9-12 though.  The results of this school years proficiency in grades 9-12 is below.

ELA 9-12.JPGELA prof hist.JPG

As you can see from the graphs, we had a slight decrease this year in the amount of proficient ELA students in the senior end.  This will be an area of focus for next school year.

F&P Results

Our goal for our grade 5 & 6 students is to get a minimum of 70% reading at grade level according to the F&P.  The results are below:

grade 5 fp.JPG

grade 6 fp.JPG

grade 56 meet exp fp.JPG

The grade 6 students are close to meeting the goal with 69.2% of them reading at grade level.  The grade 5 students regressed a little, but are still close to the goal.  We will track the grade 6s into grade 7 next year.  We will continue with our interventions that support students to read at grade level (i.e. LLI, Remix reading, etc).​​