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Jan 29, 2022
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June 2018


Students who plan to take math and science courses at Melville Comprehensive School (MCS) are encouraged to use a T1 calculator at home to complete their homework assignments. At present, students have access to some school calculators.
The Math and Science Department at MCS is recommending two options for students taking regular math and science courses.

Option # 1
Students can purchase their own T1 83 plus, T1 84 plus, or T1 84 plus sliver edition calculator for the fall of 2018. The calculator will cost $100 - $150 new (shop around --- good used ones can sell for as low as $50 on eBay/Amazon, plus shipping). This option may be an asset to a student planning to go to post-secondary education after graduation or for families with more than one child.

Option # 2
Student can sign out a T1 83 or T1 84 plus calculator from our library. There are 40 (forty) T1 83 plus and 20 (twenty) T1 84 plus calculators in the library. When a student signs out a calculator from our library, the librarian will take a deposit of $50 for the T1 83 plus and a deposit of $150 for the T1 84 plus calculators. A post-dated cheque must made out to Melville Comprehensive School for June 30, 2019, in order to borrow a calculator for the school year. The cheque will be returned when the student returns the working calculator (with reasonable wear and tear). Students must supply four AAA alkaline batteries in order to use these calculators.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ron Lutz by email ron.lutz@gssd.ca or by phoning the school (306) 728-4181.

MCS Science & Math Department​