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Saltcoats School
Saltcoats School community works to promote a love of learning, a sense of responsibility and respect for self, others, and the world.
May 21, 2022
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School Community Council


Saltcoats School Community Council

Chairperson: Tina Nabozniak

Vice Chairperson: Kim Daigneault-McCallum

Secretary: Shona Evans

Treasurer: Janet Korolek

Members:  Teagin Novak, Richard Hodgkinson, Anna Bergen, Brittany Norberg

​​Teacher Representatives: Crystal Farquharson

Community Member: Marilyn Herron

The council also includes Principal, Noel Budz, and Division Trustee, Lois Smandych

Saltcoats School Community Council
Code of Conduct

As a Member of the Saltcoats School Community Council, I shall:

β€’ Practice the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

β€’ Respect the rights of all individuals and maintain confidentiality in all matters
relating to the Council.

β€’ Encourage a positive atmosphere where individual contributions are
encouraged and valued.

β€’ Ensure that the well-being and learning success of students is the primary
focus of all decisions.

β€’ Recognize and respect the personal integrity of each member of the school

β€’ Encourage involvement between Council and parents, staff and community
through open communication.  The Council will provide information to parents
through the monthly School Newsletter and to the community through the bi-
weekly Gazette.  Minutes of the monthly Council meetings will be posted on
the Saltcoats School website.

β€’ Use the appropriate channels of communication when questions or concerns

β€’ Apply democratic principles.  All members have voting privileges with
exception to the principal and teacher rep during an election.

All meetings will start at 4:00 unless otherwise stated.
Parents and Public are welcome to all meetings.
Meetings will be advertised in our monthly newsletter.

SCC Functions
1. The SCC will provide advice and recommendations for the Learning
Improvement Plan.
2. The SCC will provide advice and recommendation for the student Code of
3. The SCC will provide advice and recommendation of Student Fees.

4. The SCC will deal with parental and public inquiries in accordance with
Administrative Procedure 151.

5.  The SCC will provide advice and recommendation of school
fundraising projects – May 17 / 07 a motion was made and carried, stating
that student-led fundraising activities will be communicated to the Principal
and authorized by the Principal providing it is <$500.  School-led
fundraising activities will be authorized by the Saltcoats School
Community Council.