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May 21, 2022
No School Today

Started in 1971, it began as a way for the Grade 6 class to raise money for a class camping trip.   The first year, the class went door to door selling the paper for two cents ($.02) an issue.   The following year, a subscription rate was introduced.   The cost was ($1.00) for the year.  The students would compile the school news for the week, report on local news and gather advertisements from local businesses and residents.   It would then be delivered to the volunteer Typist, who would type it on stencils that would be placed on the “Gestetner.”   Students would take turns cranking the wheel and watching the pages come to life.  Then,  it was off to the classroom where students would assemble and staple the papers, just in time for the Thursday delivery.   Delivery day is always special.   Getting to know the residents on your delivery route is just as much part of the experience and fun as putting the paper together.   Just ask anyone who has worked on the Gazette; someone will always have a story for you.  As a reward for their hard work, an annual camping trip was taken over a three day period in June.   In the last couple of years, the Grade 5 & 6 classes have begun the year with a Leadership Camp in September instead of June.   Over the years, and as technology has progressed, the way the Gazette is published has changed.   It’s now formatted on the computer using programs like Word Publisher and then sent to the photocopier, where it is automatically stapled and ready to go for the Thursday delivery.   The Gazette is now run by the Grade 5 and 6 classes and is delivered approximately twice a month.     One thing has not changed.    It’s something that has been handed down each year to a new class and now a new generation.   It’s also become a valuable record of both the town’s and school’s history.  The memories of your Gazette years live on long after you leave the school.