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May 21, 2022
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The Intramural program is a way of engaging all of our Grade 3 to 8 students in sporting activities during the noon hour.    The Grade 3-5 classes play on opposite days of the Grade 6 to 8 classes.   Intramurals begin in October after the Cross Country Season and run through April when Track and Field begins.   These are a list of sports that the different grades participate in.


Grades 3-5                                                                                          Grades 6-8

Fall:                                                                                                Fall:

1)      Soccer                                                                                   1)   Football

2)      Pin Drop                                                                                2)   Volleyball

3)      Handball                                                                                3)   Handball

Spring:                                                                                            Spring:

1)      Longball                                                                               1)  Street Hockey

2)      Floor  Hockey                                                                       2)  Floor Hockey

3)      Spongy Polo                                                                         3)  Basketball

4)      Flicker Ball                                                                           4)  Archery

5)      Indoor Baseball                                                                    5)  Spongy Polo