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Yorkdale Central School
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Jun 21, 2021
School Day 1
No School Today
Alert: Bus delays and cancellations 72y - Hamilton, Tanya (OnTime); 49y - Sliva, Lydia (OnTime); 17k - Sagel, Joyce (OnTime); 31y - Rosenmeyer, Brian (OnTime); 25y - Reid, Bettyanne (OnTime); 79y - Newans, Mel (OnTime); 12k - Mehling, Robert (OnTime); 82y - Koban, Bill (OnTime); 6y - Herman, Rogeryne (OnTime); 23y - Hagon, Bernadette (OnTime); 60y - Graves, Jo-ann (OnTime); 2y - Fetsch, Adam (OnTime); 59y - Erhardt, Glen (OnTime); 61y - Buhler, Kendall (OnTime); 66y - Boulloigne, Phil (OnTime); 13k - Lehman, Melanie (OnTime); 20y - Becquet, Rick (OnTime); 8y - Lang, Laurie (OnTime); 62y - Breitkreuz, Bernie (OnTime); 63y - Baranieski, Joanna (OnTime); 18y - Hayes, Cathryn (OnTime);

Kindergarten Orientation

Welcome to our 2021 Kindergarten Orientation. We are excited to be a part of your incredible journey into Kindergarten. Please take the time to watch our presentation and take a tour of our school. We are excited to see you in person in the fall!

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