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Aug 13, 2020
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Alex Hodgson


Alex's Bio... 

Alex Hodgson is a Student Co-Chair for the 2020 Student Leadership Conference. She is grounded by her friends and family. They are a very important aspect in her life and she values the bond she shares with them greatly. Especially her little sister. She is only a year and 4 days younger, but those two share a bond that is impossible to understand, but more impossible to break. Her mom and dad being most important being her biggest fans and loving supporters. Also being involved in sports, her teamates have become her older siblings. Exclusively her volleyball teammates. They are all a year older than she is, but those girls have showed Alex many life skills and stood close by her when shes needed it the most. She considers them her family.

She has grown so much in the last few years of her life coming into high school at the Yorkton Regional High School. In her grade 9 year, she became a Spirit Leader. This really started to get her involved within the school being involved in leadership activities. At the end of her Grade 9 school year, Mr. Nesseth, a Vice Principle at the YRHS, came up to her and offered her the opportunity to be apart of an Encounters with Canada Experience. She wrote an essay to get a scholarship and for the trip to be paid for. She was chosen and got to spend a theme week in Ottawa with other kids across Canada in September of her grade 10 year! Just a week after she came home, she traveled with her other Spirit Leaders and teachers to Edmonton to participate in the 2018 Canadian Student Leadership Conference. These two experiences were some of a lifetime for her, and she had all her friends and family next to her for support!

After becoming a Spirit leader, Alex knew she wanted to involve herself more. She is currently holding a spot on the Yorkton Chaos Volleyball 17u team, a member in the Yorkton Kalyna School of Dance, and a player on the Yorkton Crush 19u softball team. In school she is also apart of many sports teams and has continued to be a Spirit Leader and now holds the position of being Co-Chair for the 2020 conference. She is always more then happy to get together with friends and share her passion for volleyball or head out to the diamond for a game of ball. She loves being active in sports events and support her friends and family. You can always count on her to show up to your game and be cheering you on!

Alex has been rewarded with many opportunities and continues to grow from each and every one. After her experiences with CSLC, she wants to continue her growing in leadership. That is why she wanted to be a Co-Chair. She realized at the 2018 CSLC that she wanted to continue her steps in leadership so she applied for the position. She will continue to develop her skills and provide everything she has to fulfill her duty as Co-Chair!