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Aug 13, 2020
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Brooklyn Korol


Brooklyn's Bio... 

Brooklyn Korol is one of eight student co-chairs of the 2020 CSLC conference in Yorkton Saskatchewan. She grew up on a small farm outside of a small town called Canora, Saskatchewan, a small setting that made way for deep roots and connections. She is very close to her family who has supported and grounded her throughout her life. Attending family gatherings at almost every holiday, she enjoys spending her time with many cousins, aunts and uncles. Growing up in a small town and going to a small school in a farming community where everyone knows everyone helped her to learn to enjoy the simple things in life, how to work hard for what you want, and how to know that sometimes a chicken doesn't always make it to the other side of the road. Kidding aside, Brooklyn loves animals appreciates there grounding influence. From the time that she was little, she begged for every animal under the sun. Her connections with animals helped to make connection with other people.

Brooklyn moved schools in 2015 to an elementary school in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Going to school in a larger centre provided more opportunities,  but the lack of support from a familiar friend base was definitely a bit straining. It is here where Brooklyn really had to grow and change, reaching outside herself to find herself. She joined mentorship, and WeAct which is where she was originally introduced to the idea of being a student leader. Her new teachers, friends and activities helped to nourish her and helped her to grow. Her roots providing the base and support for when she moved to the Yorkton Regional High School for her grade nine year. She was given the opportunity to be a spirit leader for the CSLC 2020 conference. Since then her experiences have helped her grow into the individual she is today.  

Through her growth Brooklyn has been able to blossom throughout the many things she is involved in. She enjoys Ukrainian dance, basketball, track, and cross country. She loves anything outdoors and anything involving physical activity. She enjoys painting, reading, and drawing, and loves to help with work on the farm. Quite often, when not practicing basketball she can be found out in the barnyard running her horses through a barrel pattern or helping her dad fix fence. She enjoys interacting with people and enjoys spending time with her friends even if it is just at a team practice.

Brooklyn does her best to live a life of purpose and intention.  Through this she reaps many rewards, individually putting a conscious effort into things like extra studying for a test or putting in extra time in the gym. She feels rewarded by an improved mark or a goal reached in basketball practice. However, Brooklyn feels most rewarded by group projects. A group or team coming together to complete a task simply by relying on the diverse range of ideas and strengths found throughout. This is why Brooklyn has found that being a spirit leader is something she enjoys. She is looking forward to the conference ahead and is proud to be one of the student co-chairs for the 2020 Canadian Student Leadership Conference β€œFrom the Roots Up”.