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Aug 13, 2020
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Charlee Mitschke


Charlee's Bio... 

Charlee Mitschke comes from the small-town Langenburg, Saskatchewan where she has been involved in leadership from a very young age. As a child, Charlee was influenced by her mother’s role in high school leadership back in “the old days” and found the idea of student council mesmerizing. She currently resides on a dairy farm with her mother, Joelene; father, Chris; and two younger brothers, Eddie and Casey. Being on a farm, Charlee learned how to work quick and effectively to get the job done; it instilled the drive and focus Charlee would need to be a great leader down the road. Charlee’s parents always spread the message to work hard and be nice which reminds her that great things will come from a good work ethic and positive attitude.

The relationships you build with your peers has a huge role into the person you become as you grow “from the roots up”. A supportive group of friends that are also a part of leadership at Charlee’s school- specifically her fellow spirit leaders and SRC members share the quality of positivity and the skills of management that have shaped Charlee into the person she is today. Her closest friends care and help guide each other when making difficult decisions; they have taught Charlee how to work collectively, and that collaboration is insightful. Most of Charlee’s friends have been there since kindergarten, so they have definitely helped mould the personality she has today.

The little community of Langenburg is tightly knit, and the supportive atmosphere allowed Charlee to soar above the average pupil to lead the way towards a brighter future. When community members are there for their youth (like in Langenburg), it gives the young people of the town confidence to strive for greatness. Langenburg recognizes leadership as one of the most important things in society and lets individuals harvest their skills with the amazing school staff, and programs to keep people’s value of making good choices as a leader at bay. Her little hometown has always been very supportive and kind towards Charlee, and she will always remember her roots.
Charlee has had the opportunity to take in many influential events that let her leadership skills flourish after attending. Conferences like CSLC teach leaders how to build up their skills to be the best they can be. Charlee has attended CSLC (Canadian Student Leadership Conference) 2017, 2018, and is soon to attend 2019 in the fall; she has also attended SSLC (Saskatchewan Student Leadership Conference) 2017 and co chaired in 2018. The opportunity to co chair SSLC 2018 showed Charlee what it took to apply the things she had heard about, and teach people how to make an impact in their communities. Charlee has also attended numerous We Days that taught her to stand up wholeheartedly and lead with passion. Before these events, Charlee would have never dreamt of openly talking and teaching different pupils hundreds at a time. She learned that the amount of people you can reach is countless, and there was always something to stand up for. Events attended by Charlee taught her who she was as a leader, and what she has to be thankful for.

Before attending leadership rallies like these, Charlee had just scraped the surface of what she could do for the world. Leadership conferences broadened Charlee’s horizons; it taught her about foreign concepts and the other cultures of Canada. Charlee had just begun her journey as an influencer to her peers, and after attending these events, finally understood why people were driven to do so much for others instead of themselves. The influential events attended by Charlee furthered her extroverted tendencies to be fearless of others’ opinions, and let her truth speak out against the crowds. Because of CSLC, SSLC, We Day, and numerous leadership events, Charlee could not only speak out to those she knew but those she had yet to meet.
Charlee had many unique personality strengths that let her blossom in her day-to-day life. She showed many qualities that made her a great role model to follow; she was driven, easy to work with, positive, bubbly, taken seriously, confident, influential, and focussed in her actions. Charlee was known by her peers for never backing down from a cause she truly believed in, no matter who or what the opposition was. She was able to showcase that stubbornness can be a good thing when used in the correct way. Charlee was always looking towards her peers for inspiration and fun; she loved working together with others to form a solid team and seeing the final result after the group’s hard work. No matter if she stood alone or with a team, Charlee constantly brought her positive attitude with her, and let her bubbly personality shine through. She had the ability to captivate her audience with her storytelling and hype up the crowd with just a few words. Charlee had a certain quality that led people to take her seriously and truly listen to what she had to say. She had the confidence to stand behind what she was saying, and influence the people around her to make smarter decisions and better choices. Whenever Charlee set out to accomplish a task, she would problem solve, adapt, and overcome to make sure to see the idea through.

At the early age of nine, Charlee was awarded her first leadership award, along with the GSSD Student of Distinction Award. It was important that she was able to be a leader to other students in and outside of the classroom. In the years on Langenburg School’s Junior Student Council, Charlee was awarded the prestigious titles of Student of the Month, and Student of the Year; she was extremely grateful for the opportunity to lead. Along the path through high school, Charlee received many Student Recognition Awards because of the many qualities that had made her a strong leader.
The first opportunity to get into leadership was seized and gripped tightly as she was voted unto Langenburg High School's Junior Student Representative Council as Yearbook Director, followed by a year of being the JR SRC’s president. For Charlee, the Junior Student Council was a way to voice the students’ concerns and ideas to the staff where the thoughts would actually be taken seriously. Charlee always wanted to improve the environment around her, so planning fun events for her peers through JR SRC was a great way to do this. Charlee supplied the students’ voice and gave the adults in the building the student’s point of view based off of their experiences.

When Charlee reached high school, she was nominated to take on the SRC Grade Eight Representative spot where she would be the only freshman on the Student Representative Council. With great pride, Charlee accepted this minor role on SRC and began voicing her ideas to make Langenburg Central School a more inviting environment for everyone. At the beginning of the 2017/18 school year, Charlee was elected into the Canteen Director position where she used her organizational skills to put on hot lunch days, make schedules for vending machine stocking, and find people to do Wednesday dishes when not available. In grade ten, Charlee took on her favourite role thus far as Communications Director. As Communications Director, Charlee received an appointed group of individuals that could help put her plans into fruition. Using the captivating storytelling abilities she had, Charlee spread the word about upcoming events in the community through daily intercom announcements, social media accounts, television slideshows, and oral presentations. Communications were in charge of making the student body aware of opportunities and changes occurring, and Charlee loved the opportunity to spread the news. In the future, Charlee Mitschke has planned to run for Vice President in grade 11, and President of the Student Body in grade 12.  Charlee harvested her confidence, influential nature, and drive to maintain an active position on Langenburg’s Student Representative Council so all students would be benefited with the changes made for years to come.

Charlee was also involved in many different extracurricular sports that let her showcase and build her teamwork skills to have successful seasons. In order to have a strong team, you need members of that team to work together. Charlee led the way to group inclusiveness with her positive attitude, passion, and friendly tendencies. No matter if it was a soccer field or basketball court, Charlee knew that no matter what you have to have your teammates’ back.

In the community, Charlee was a part of numerous drama productions where she starred as many unique characters conveying different stories throughout the years. As the theatre performances were part of a community funded club, if people want the wheels to keep running, there needed to be volunteers to be a part of the local theatre performances. Charlee urged to tell a story, and help out the community along the way; the George Layh Theatre, Vagabond Theatre, and LCS theatre productions were the perfect fit. Charlee also had been a part of the Leaps and Bounds Dance Studio for several years. Through the performing arts, Charlee was able to tell a story through her movements with a message that people can take away from the performance and apply to life. No matter if the topic was mental health or WWII, it was important to consciously acknowledge, recognize, and learn about the subject matter.
Charlee wanted to share the gifts harvested in numerous ways, and by volunteering time and energy she was able to start new roots in her community. By leading a peer support group for those who were less socially sure of themselves, youth can learn and grow from her experience with how to handle herself in public situations. When Charlee took up coaching numerous sports teams for the youth of Langenburg, she taught teamwork to young children the first opportunity they had. Through mentoring, Charlee gave kids the bubbly positive energy and confidence to hold their heads high. Charlee knows that you must give back when you have been awarded gifts, so she has taught children she has tutored how to keep focussed and motivated in their studies. Part of harvesting your roots is starting new ones around you; Charlee used who she was to help others decide who they were going to be.