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Aug 13, 2020
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Zane Chopik


Zane's Bio... 

The idea of a playing a key part in a life changing conference for Zane Chopik came to mind when attending the National Student Leadership Conference in Edmonton 2018. When Zane saw the infectious energy the conference had to offer, he became inspired. As each presenter influenced the crowd, Zane became motivated by the energy and envisioned himself on stage in the same matter.
Luckily he was greeted by the opportunity of becoming a Co-Chair for the 2020 CSLC conference is his hometown of Yorkton. He then created a goal for himself, to become a co-chair. Zane believed the position would be perfect for him as he enjoys public speaking, and entertaining a crowd. Zane believes is values directly apply to the idea of the conference of honesty, determination, and positive thinking. Each of those traits is a factor that plays a large role in his everyday life, his strong morals and values play off his to main beliefs optimism and honesty. He applies these skills in his leadership class, his role as a spirit leader, and in his involvement in young people's lives.
Zane Chopik as a person is a lively individual that brings energy and positivity to the CSLC. His energy exemplifies leadership with any crowd he leads and tries to nourish each member of his group to the full potential of their abilities. Zane believes goals are a crucial part of “planting your roots” and as you pursue your goals your roots grown bigger until finally your end goal is a fully blossomed tree. A few ways Zane has grown “From the Roots up” include of Zane's fighting for team sask on the national taekwondo team for 2016, teaching taekwondo to young minds, and becoming a lifeguard. Zane plants seeds in order to grow off new ideas and new plans for his future, as an example after going to nationals for taekwondo he decided to further expand his roots by teaching and refereeing.
Once becoming a referee and a taekwondo teacher he began inspire others the way people did for him. He reaps his rewards as a taekwondo teacher by inspiring others to do their best, not only in taekwondo but in their personal life. He teaches skills of determination, integrity, honesty, optimism, and courage. His sports life as a national athlete taught him determination and the idea of hard work paying off.
When Zane isn’t working he enjoys the little things in his life. He enjoys working on his 1990 corvette with his Grandpa. Basketball with friends, and early morning runs are how he deals with stress. Zane believes the most important way to stay grounded, is family time his favourite part of every week is family movie night. As Zane continues to develop as a person he is excited to bring a positive vibe, and energetic personality to his role of CSLC co-chair 2020.