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Dec 05, 2021
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Wellness Wednesday

June 16 - Random Act of Kindness

A random act of kindness, big or small, can go a long way to brightening someone's day -- and your own, too!  Watch this video about a couple of high school students who decided to do something about a need they saw in someone else.

A Gift for a Bullied Kid

Now, here's what we're going to do -- 'cause we're not some other school!

Jesse Armstrong - Challenge
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June 9 - Quizlet

Educational resources to make studying easier.


June 2 - Finding Balance

This week, Ms Bellegarde reviews a resiliency teaching about Eagle feathers. She also goes over smudging and the medicines used to smudge with as a way to bring balance and to ground one’s self when one feels out of balance. This is especially relevant this week with the announcement of the 215 children found at the Kamloops Indian Residential School.

View Ms Bellegarde's video.

May 19 - Nature Walk

Need a little inspiration? The next time you take a walk outside, note things that spark a sense of wonder or awe. A study showed that "Awe" walks inspire more joy and less distress. Imagine you're seeing things for the first time. What will inspire you?

Afternoon teachers are asked to take their classes for a quick walk into nature. Teachers will exit the school through the bus doors, walking your classes across the gravel parking lot towards the Kinsmen Arena. Once on the pavement, turn left towards the gate leading to Jaycee Beach. From the gate, just follow the flags. The Flagged route takes approx 15 min. If teachers would like to make their walk a little longer, they can head towards "Wiggley Field" the off leash dog park.

May 12 - The Power of Music

Mr Nesseth shares how music can be that little "lift" that gives you the energy to get through the day.


May 5 - A School that Cares

Each student in the school will receive a little handwritten note from a YRHS Staff Member, telling them how they are important, what we like about them, what they excel at! We’re hoping to give our students a little “pick me up” as we head into our last, and probably most challenging Penta. (Teachers, please distribute the "pumpkin" notes in your mailboxes to your afternoon class.)

April 28 - Medicine Wheel Wellness

Finding Balance in life is important.  Too much attention to one area of our lives and not enough attention to another can cause us to feel stressed, uneasy, or unhappy.  Ms Lulashnyk helps us understand balance and some activities we can do to help restore balance in our lives from a First Nations perspective:


April 21 - Resilience

School, COVID19, pressure from family and friends ... there's a lot in our lives that can cause stress.  Resilience is the ability to copy with and bounce back from difficult times.  Ms Westberg helps us learn some strategies that can help us deal with the everyday stress that can occur in this presentation:


April 13 - The Benefits of Staying Active

In these days of COVID19 and Remote Learning, it's easy to find oneself spending most of your day hanging out on the couch.  Here is a reminder about how adding a little bit of movement to your day can be of even more importance these days than usual.

Video: Mr and Mrs Kyle

Instagram Handle:  raiders_beyondthegym

March 31 - A Family of Raiders

It takes ALL of us to be ONE Family of Raiders.

Read the following poster and fill in a square of paper with what is uniquely you.  Drop off your paper in Mr Sapara's or Ms Szabo's mailbox and they will create one collaborative piece of artwork to show how individually we come together as one!


March 24 - Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable




Student Reflection.pdf

Student Reflection (Teacher Copy).pdf

March 17 - Google Read & Write

Educational Resources to make our life easier.

Google Read & Write Video

March 10 - Utility of School Surveys

What is your sense of usefulness of school?

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12