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Jul 03, 2022
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Physical Education


The focus of the YRHS Physical Education Department is on lifelong physical fitness participation and the importance of physical fitness to overall health. At the grade 9 level Phys Ed is a basic exploration of sport and fitness through various activities. Students will also take Health & Career Guidance for one semester. Grade 10 is Wellness which combines Physical Fitness with a focus on personal Wellness. In grade 11 Phys Ed is an elective credit and we offer two seperate courses, High Performance Athletic Training (HPAT) 20 and Phys Ed 20. HPAT is course for those serious about fitness training, students will spend the semester working on a personal fitness regime. Phys Ed 20 will see students exposed to a number of alternative physical activities and outdoor education with the goal of creating lifelong partcipants. In grade 12 students again have a choice between HPAT 30 and Phys Ed 30 with a focus on experiencing Physical Education opportunities available within our community. We have also partnered with Hockey Canada to offer the YRHS Hockey Academy.


For teacher assignments and contact information for Physical Education teachers, please view our Staff List.


For more information about Physical Education courses, please see our Course Catalog.



Phys Ed 30: Curling
Oct 24, 2014
Mr Payne's Phys Ed 30 class heads to the rink for some curling.
physed30curling1.JPG physed30curling2.JPG


Wellness 10: Quinzhee Building
Jan 16, 2014
Mr Kyle's Wellness 10 class had a chance to get out and enjoy the good weather while building quinzhees.


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