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Feb 24, 2020
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Smoking/Vaping Policy

SMOKING/VAPING POLICY for all Schools in the G.S.S.D. 

"The Government of Saskatchewan, on August 15, 2010, proclaimed the ban of all tobacco use on school grounds. Tobacco includes both smoked and smokeless tobacco, but will not apply to the sacred or ceremonial use of tobacco (as per the Tobacco Control Act, 2001)." 

The GSSD recognizes and accepts its responsibility to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all those who use its buildings. As a result, all buildings and property operated by the Division, including the Parkland College, shall be free from all tobacco products at all times. (Note: In the YRHS Smoking Policy, "tobacco products" includes smoked and smokeless tobacco, nicotine chew and vapor cigarettes.) All school activities, whether on Division property or not, shall be smoke free activities. 

Students who choose to smoke or vape, must do so off school property (front sidewalk) and only before school, during their lunch hour and after school. Students may not smoke or vape during their scheduled class times or during breaks between classes. 

1. Students that are found smoking or vaping in-between or during classes will automatically be suspended.

2. Students that are found to be smoking or vaping on school property (not during class time) will be subject to the following consequences and supports: 

a. We have adopted a policy of allowing first time offenders at the Yorkton Regional High School the option of attending a smoking cessation program conducted by our school counselor, in lieu of an out of school suspension. The course includes information on the health risks and hazards associated to smoking products with nicotine, the expenses incurred while buying tobacco/nicotine products, the legalities to smoking/vaping nicotine products and ways to lead a healthier lifestyle which may include ways to quit smoking. Should a student be interested in quitting their smoking habit, this course is a viable option instead of an out of school suspension. 

b. If the student chooses the smoking cessation course, a letter will follow stating the date of the course. Should the student not commit to the course, and not attend the session, s/he will automatically endure a one day suspension the day following the set course date.

c. If the student does not report to the smoking cessation course, s/he then receives a one day out of school suspension. Should there be a second offence, a three day out of school suspension will result. A third offence, initiates a five day suspension.


Students that set our smoke alarms off, causing the YRHS and Parkland College to evacuate, may be subject to a minimum three day suspension.  Upon return, a meeting will take place with parents/guardians, the RCMP and Yorkton Fire Protective Services.  Pending charges may be administered by either community partner. ​​

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