Access to Information and Protection of Privacy

​Privacy is of utmost concern and the safety of our students is our priority. 

The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (LAFOIP) is a provincial statute that applies to all local authorities (a board of education is a local authority and, as such, is bound by LAFOIP).  A provincial website has been developed and provides a wealth of detailed information on Privacy and Access in Saskatchewan Schools.  Our division is bound by LAFOIP and guided by our Administrative Procedure 180 Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy and Administrative Procedure 320 Student Records.


LAFOIP has two major goals:​

  1. Freedom of Information - To ensure that individuals have access to public documents and to personal information about themselves that is collected and held by a local authority.
  2. Protection of Privacy - To ensure that personal information held by a local authority is protected and not used or released without permission or legal authority.

There are four principles that guide division personnel through the processes required to address freedom of information and protection of privacy in schools divisions:

  1. Collect only the information that is required for the purposes of the school division.
  2. Ensure the appropriate storage and security of records - both physically and electronically.
  3. Ensure the appropriate use, access and disclosure of records.
  4. Keep records only for so long as they are required for the purposes of the school division and then dispose of them in an appropriate manner.


Access to Information Requests: Contact Keith Gervais, Chief Financial Office, GSSD LAFOIP Coordinator, at 306-786-5500 or email for information on the appropriate release and/or access to records.

Archival Records Request:  Archival records include student attendance registers for closed schools within division boundaries.  If you are interested in access to personal archival information, download and complete the Access to Information Request Form, including a $20 search fee payable to GSSD, and forward to the Administration Office at 5B Schrader Dr., PO BOX 5060, Yorkton, SK, S3N 3Z4. There are very specific details regarding the disclosure of information and, if you need information or clarification, contact Keith Gervais, Chief Financial Officer, at 306-786-5500 or email