Good Spirit School Division Student Registration

Register at one of Good Spirit School Division's Schools!

Registration Process ​

Step 1: Locate your school using the School Locator

  • Address confirmation will be verified at the school. You may provide:
    • ​utility bill
    • tax notice
    • drivers license
    • lease agreement

C​lick here to access Baragar School Locator

Click here to access Bus Planner Web School Locator

​Step 2: Registration for GSSD Schools & Programs

  • Submit completed application or registration forms to the local school or as indicated on the form.
  • When submitting your registration form, one of the following documents may be used:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Health Card
    • Passport or Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
    • Status Card
    • Permanent Residence Card
  • Interested in the Digital Learning School? Refer to information below.

Visit the Michif Early Learning Program (Prekindergarten) page for program and application information

Download and complete the appropriate application or registration form below. Submit completed form to the school in your area by email or by dropping it off at the office.

Prekindergarten Application 

Preschool and Parent Education Program (PPEP) Application

Early Learning Intensive Support Pilot Application

Good Spirit School Division Student Registration Form 

Online Good Spirit School Division Student Registration Form

Registration for GSSD Digital Learning School:

  • Contact the school administrator in your attendance boundary
  • Grade 7-9 Digital Learning School:
    Enrollment into grades 7, 8, and 9 Digital Learning School (DLS) are determined through an application process.
    Eligibility is based on:
    • Availability of space in the program

    • Capability of high speed internet and access to a technological device

    • Past attendance and academic engagement in DLS, if applicable

    • Reason for entry: health reasons, location, extenuating circumstances

    • Availability of educational and technological support in the home

    • References of referral from attendance boundary school, if applicable

    • Grade 7-9 DLS Application Form

  • Grade 10-12 Digital Learning School:
    • Contact the school administrator in your attendance boundary

Registration for GSSD Digital Learning School - Registration Form

Step 3: Bus Registration

  • All Rural and Urban students are required to complete and submit a bus registration form
    • Your bus form will be returned to the Division


Urban Bus Registration

Rural Bus Registration

Step 4:

  • Submit all registration forms and verification documentation to your school​
  • Submit your Bus Registration Form to Good Spirit School Division 


Special Circumstances