Good Spirit School Division Student Registration

Register at one of Good Spirit School Division's Schools!

Registration Process ​

Step 1: Locate your school using the School Locator

  • Address confirmation will be verified at the school. You may provide:
    • ​utility bill
    • tax notice
    • drivers license
    • lease agreement
C​lick here to access Baragar School Locator

​Step 2: Registration for GSSD Schools

  • Download, print and complete the Student Registration Form (either Pre-K or K-12 Registration Form)
    • When registering at the school, one of the following documents may be used:
      • Birth Certificate
      • Health Card
      • Passport or Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
      • Status Card
      • Permanent Residence Card
  • Interested in the Digital Learning School? Refer to information below.

Prekindergarten Application

Early Learning Intensive Support Pilot Application Form

Printable/Fillable - Prekindergarten Grade 12 Student Registration Form 

PDF Fillable - Prekindergarten-Grade 12 Student Registration Form

Online Form - Prekindergarten to Grade 12 Registration Form

Registration for GSSD Digital Learning School:

  • Contact the school administrator in your attendance boundary
  • Grade 7-9 Digital Learning School:
    Enrollment into grades 7, 8, and 9 Digital Learning School (DLS) are determined through an application process.
    Eligibility is based on:
    • Availability of space in the program

    • Capability of high speed internet and access to a technological device

    • Past attendance and academic engagement in DLS, if applicable

    • Reason for entry: health reasons, location, extenuating circumstances

    • Availability of educational and technological support in the home

    • References of referral from attendance boundary school, if applicable

    • Grade 7-9 DLS Application Form

  • Grade 10-12 Digital Learning School:
    • Contact the school administrator in your attendance boundary

Registration for GSSD Digital Learning School - Registration Form

Step 3: Bus Registration

  • All Rural and Urban students are required to complete and submit a bus registration form
    • Your bus form will be returned to the Division


Urban Bus Form: 

Rural Bus Form:

Step 4:

  • Submit all registration forms and verification documentation to your school​
  • Submit your Bus Registration Form to Good Spirit School Division 


Special Circumstances