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Jul 03, 2022
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CSLC Welcome

The Canadian Student Leadership Conference is returning "home" to Yorkton, Saskatchewan, after 35 years running. Join over 1000 students and advisors in the Parkland Region for flat lands, prairie landscapes, early sunrises, beautiful sunsets, First Nations drumming and dancing, and "supper in the field" in the land of the living skies wearing an orange cowboy hat!

Our great country of Canada is built not only on the hardworking spirit of young men and women who came to this land to start anew, but also on the proud and strong traditions of our First Nations, Metis and Inuit People.  Our theme 'From the Roots Up' allows us to take a reflective look back at the beginnings of the conference, and where it is headed.  Over the past 34 years the City of Yorkton has grown, we've reached 20 000 people.  Most importantly for all that have come and gone, it is still a great place to call home, a place 'Where Good Things Happen.'  'From the Roots Up' at CSLC 2020 will be a great opportunity for all conference attenders to revisit the very spirit and community that created the conference that continues to build leadership capacity in our students. In keeping with the theme of the initial 1985 Conference, 'Youth of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow' we welcome you to 'Tip Your Hats To Our Leaders' and welcome CSLC 2020.

It is fitting to welcome students and advisors from all across our country to the parkland during harvest.  It is an industrious, collaborative and busy time of year.  When the grain is in the bins, farmers feel a great sense of accomplishment and that they have done something of great value for the world.  Along with clear skies and warm sun, there are always machinery breakdowns, bad weather and unforeseen challenges that arise, but no farmer faces challenges alone.  When adversity presents itself, neighbors have always come to help.  It is a tradition that neighbors drop what it is that they are doing and set their own needs aside to help get the harvest in.  Although Saskatchewan farms are bigger and farm families fewer, the energy and collaboration, the leadership and sacrifice that farming requires continues to live on in the spirit of our Saskatchewan communities.  It is that energy and leadership that has made Yorkton and the Yorkton Regional High School, 'The Land of Orange', a great place for families and young people to be.  It is the reason that CSLC 2020 is coming home.

It is time for student leaders and advisors from across Canada to harvest the benefits of a great school and community that so many hands have built.  It is time, also, for us to plant the seeds that we harvest for the future so that we may continue to grow great leadership, "From the Roots Up"!


Mike Haczkewicz, Johnna McBride, Dennis Nesseth, Roby Sharpe

CSLC 2020 Co-Chairs