Board Policy Handbook

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​​​This Board Policy Handbook has been developed to highlight and support the very important governance function of the Board.  In addition to clearly defining the role of the Board, the role of the Director and the delegation of authority from the Board to the Director, it includes the following as policies:

  • Foundational statements which provide guidance and direction for all activities within the Division;
  • Directions for how the Board itself is to function and how individual trustees are to conduct themselves; how Board committees and representatives are to function;
  • Statements as to how appeals and hearings will be conducted;
  • Non-delegable matters such as school closures and policy-making; and
  • ​Specific matters which the Board has chosen not to delegate to the Director.

This Board Policy Handbook is intended to be supplemented by an Administrative Procedures Manual; the primary written document by which the Director directs staff.  The Manual must be entirely consistent with this Handbook.

The development of two separate and distinct documents is meant to reinforce the distinction in this Division between the Board's responsibility to govern and the Director's executive or administrative duties.

Board Policy Handbook

Policy 1 Foundational Statements

Policy 2 Role of the Board

Policy 2 Appendix A Annual Work Plan

Policy 2 Appendix B Board Self-Evaluation Process

Policy 3 Role of the Board Member

Policy 3 Appendix A Services, Materials and Equipment Provided to Trustees

Policy 3 Appendix B Board Member Visits To Schools

Policy 4 Board Member Code of Ethics

Policy 4 Appendix Trustee Code of Conduct Sanctions

Policy 5 Role of the Board Chair

Policy 6 Role of the Vice Chair

Policy 7 Board Operations

Policy 8 Committees of the Board

Policy 8 Appendix Board Executive Committee Terms of Reference

Policy 8 Appendix Finance Committee Terms of Reference

Policy 8 Appendix Transportation Committee Terms of Reference

Policy 9 Board Representatives

Policy 10 Policy Making

Policy 11 Delegation of Authority

Policy 12 Director/CEO Roles and Responsibilities

Policy 12 Appendix A Director Evaluation Process, Criteria and Timelines

Policy 12 Appendix B Director/CEO Role Expectations

Policy 12 Appendix C Leadership Practices Interview Guide

Policy 13 Appeals and Hearings Regarding Student Matters

Policy 14 Hearings on Teacher Matters

Policy 15 Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

Policy 16 Student Transportation

Policy 16 Appendix A Good Neighbour

Policy 17 School Review

Policy 18 Community Partnerships

Policy 19 Enterprise Risk Management

Policy 19 Appendix A Enterprise Risk Management Framework