Arts Education and Band

The Good Spirit School Division is an advocate for Arts Education programming. All renewed K-9 curricula is taught at the elementary level and secondary Arts Education, Visual Art, Drama and Dance at the 10, 20, 30 levels are offered. In addition to this, a Performing Arts Academy is open to Yorkton students in grades 4-8 at Dr. Brass Elementary school. Many extra-curricular Arts Education opportunities are available to all students in most GSSD schools.

GSSD offers band in 20 of its schools across the division with more than 1200 students participating. Band is offered to students as young as grade 5 through to grade 9. Additionally, our high school students can earn band credits in grades 10, 11 and 12. Students are eligible to acquire Choral credits in two GSSD schools. These programs are delivered by 7 instructors/ directors located in the north, south and central clusters of Good Spirit School Division. In addition to these programs, there are extra-curricular band opportunities for students in the Central cluster for grades 6-12.